What can a trader expect from a REVIVAL event?

Every REVIVAL event focuses exclusively on retro video gaming and the surrounding culture of the scene. Our main events contain a mixture of playable exhibits in the form of arcade machines, pinball machines, home computers, consoles and portable devices from past system generations generally spanning the 1970's right up to the early 2000's. Traders who offer products related to retro gaming, cult interests, memorabilia of all kinds and other such products are an integral part of the hobby shared by the visitors and hence, form a large part of any event. Visitor numbers are always close to capacity at each venue we use, so you can expect high exposure for your business if you attend as a trader as well as many direct sales with your ideal demographic. It's also a very fun experience for many traders with creative business sense, as cleverly arranged trader pitches with some kind of visual pull will be remembered by the customers.

How much will it cost to attend an event with a trade stall?

The price will vary between events and will be based on event size, venue costs and estimated visitor numbers. You should contact us directly by e-mail about any upcoming events and the earlier you enquire, the sooner you can pay for your space and guarantee your place in the event. When working out your total outlay, you may also need to factor in your travelling costs, hotel costs and vehicle hire to be best prepared for any event. Generally speaking, traders at REVIVAL events have reported good returns on their investment and agree that exposure is the greatest benefit to participating in events. Advertise well and you will enjoy good sales and have a lot of return custom.

What does my pitch fee buy me?

This will vary between venues and events but generally speaking, the basic trader pitch fee will include table hire, covers, and certain amenities like access to an electricity supply and internet at some venues. We offer excellent trader packages and can discuss your needs if you want more space, want to sponsor promotional material or have a different kind of trade presence. Anything is possible, and the more your stall/exhibit will bring to the spectacle of the event, the more likely we can assign you a prominent space on the show floor.

What are my obligations as a trader/exhibitor and are there any rules that apply?

Traders and exhibitors are obliged to:

  • - ensure their pitch fee is paid in the timescale given in correspondence
  • - arrive in good time on the setup day (usually the day before the first event day) and set up quickly
  • - ensure they have provided their staff names to us for passes in advance and introduce yourself on arrival
  • - set up their stall neatly, safely and considerately for visitors and other traders with no health risks such as trip hazards
  • - ensure their stall is staffed at all times to safeguard their customers and their stock
  • - dismantle their stand and pack up quickly after the final event day has ended

Traders and exhibitors are expected to maintain the same professionalism we do as organisers, to make the visitors' experience as enjoyable as possible. Setup may be possible on the morning an event starts but cannot be done once the doors have opened. Similarly, tear down is not permitted until all visitors have left and instructed to do so by event staff, for safety reasons. It is the sole responsibility of each trader/exhibitor to safeguard their stock, equipment, staff and customers and we are in no way accountable for losses or accidents at your stall. We encourage a fair trade policy at our events for the benefit of everyone buying, selling or advertising. Pitches are assigned specifically in our layout to be fair to everyone, so failing to follow your obligations, customer poaching, space encroachment, rude behaviour and other such practices may result in a trader/exhibitor and their party being asked to leave the event, without refund or recompense. Be professional and enjoy the spirit of the show and we will work with you to ensure your experience is a good one too.

Is there food and drink available and can I consume it whilst enjoying the event?

Most venues we choose will have hot or cold food, snacks, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages on sale. Whilst it's recommended you enjoy this off the show floor, you are welcome to enjoy drinks and snacks whilst you trade/exhibit or enjoy a game, provided they aren't placed near customers or electronic equipment in a dangerous way and rubbish is taken away and binned. Most venues are licenced premises so may not allow you to bring in your own food and drink. We don't recommend you bring your own, but if you do it must be consumed off the premises. Traders and exhibitors will be expected to tidy up after themselves and dispose of all stall, food and drink rubbish appropriately.

Can I get involved in the show in other ways?

Yes you can, whether it be by donating prizes to the official competitions, offering to do some kind of informative hobbyist talk, providing equipment for show use, or simply sponsoring the event in some way. Many traders/exhibitors are now connected with us and offer help in the show organisation or event day attractions. Doing so improves the feel of the show and a good atmosphere can in turn do more for your business. A major way most traders can get involved (and is opted in by the majority of traders) is to participate in the REVIVAL Membership Card scheme, which benefits everyone who is at the show with very little effort.

What is the REVIVAL Membership Card scheme and how can I participate?

REVIVAL Membership Cards have been offered in restricted numbers since we began as a way to increase the event experience for everyone. Customers who have purchased a card will primarily be entitled to early show entry on event days, and are entitled to up to a 10% discount with participating traders. If you choose to participate, you will be given a 'Revival partner trader' placard to display on your stall to let customers know you accept the card, and offer them a 10% discount on general purchases and goods (although rare and very high value items may be excluded at your discretion). The scheme has been very successful since it began as many card holders are regular show-goers who enjoy a sense of association with the event and traders as well as value for money when purchasing a show ticket and souvenirs from the event. As a trader, this heavily benefits you as you will be announced as a 'partner trader' prior to the event in social media and website releases, plus of course it will generate more sales as visitors favour the discount on offer at your stall. Regular show visitors who are collectors will make good use of this by entering an event early and approaching partner traders for those elusive items, so it is a great scheme to be a part of. If you would like to become a partner trader, simply mention it in your enquiry e-mail to us. You are free to opt in or out for each show you attend, but once you are announced as a partner trader for a particular event we insist that you honour the scheme for at least that event.

Where can I find details of a specific event such as attractions, directions, opening times etc.?

Each new event will have a detailed event page here on the website and key information or sudden announcements will be posted through social media first, so be sure to subscribe through the usual channels. Traders may also ask any questions prior to the event by contacting us by e-mail. We want all our exhibiting traders to have the best experience possible and be fully prepared, so be sure to get all the information you need and simply ask if you are unsure of anything.